1. When will the church re-open?
    We are focused on how to re-open, rather than when because safety is more of the priority.
  2. Where can I go for updates?
    Sunday and Wednesday services, as well as subscribe to our social media platforms. Our Instagram and Youtube accounts have weekly updates...sometimes a couple times in the week.
  3. How will you reassure people that it’s safe to come back to church?
    We are making sure we disinfect and go through the necessary protocols before anyone enters any building on campus. We have a check in station for sanitization. We will also be in compliance with CDC guidelines and are leaving it up to the individual to make the decision of returning.
  4. Will you continue to stream your services even after you’re able to re-gather?
  5. Will the church be providing meals for purchase after each service like they did before COVID-19?
    Yes. We did upgrade how we will serve food items. All plates will be placed in "clam shell" containers.
  6. Am I able to bring my children?
    Yes. Just so you know, we will not be having any children's ministry or nursery, so your children will be with you in service.
  7. Will the Children's and Youth Ministry be available?
    Not in the very beginning. Eventually, yes. This is a part of the how we are re-gathering. We are doing it a little at time and adding various ministries along the way.
  8. Are you running the shuttle service?
    No. Not until we don't need to practice social distancing or are able to be in close proximity with others.
  9. I’ve been hearing about other churches asking people to make reservations to attend church, is that true for NHC?
    No. Instead of making reservations, we will have a system to make sure we have a count of how many people will be attending, for capacity purposes. We are in the process of seeing how many people we can have in our services. So there will be limited seating due to social distancing. 
  10. Is there a protocol for us to follow once we do re-gather?
    Yes. Answer a basic health questionnaire, and go through our sanitization check in station.
  11. How do I send in my tithes and/or offering?
    - Mail your tithes to New Hope Church
    840 Kupulau Rd. Hilo, HI, 96720
    - NHC App
    Download our NHC App here
    - Website
    Follow this link
    - Text to give
    Text: NHCGive
    To: 1(888)364-4483
  12. How is the church meeting the needs of members who are suffering from physical isolation?
    All of our pastors are available for counseling. We have an emergency phone to get a hold of a pastor if there is a need. 
  13. Is the church allowing small gatherings for funeral and/or wedding services?
    Not at the church facilities. We are however available to families and wedding couples to serve at the location they choose.
  14. What if I’m not sure about re-gathering for personal reasons, is there a way for me to still “attend” service?
    We will still have online church available.
  15. Are there things available online for personal growth for me and my children?
    Yes. Click here to find discipleship opportunities or activities/resources for your children
  16. Is the office open?
    No. But you can still get a hold of staff members if you call the church office (808) 959-7700 or email: admin@newhopehilo.org
  17. Are you doing Baby Dedications?
    Not at the moment. We are discussing how to have baby dedications as of June 24, 2020 but have not made a decision yet on when.