We are excited to partner with you as you open up your home to those you know and love to share the love and good news of Jesus. Our home groups exist for the purpose of fellowship and discipleship with the family of God.

Please listen to Pastor Sheldon’s heart and vision for Home Groups.


It’s that easy!

If you’d like to host a home group in your home please fill out this form and Pastor Marsha will connect with you for training, information or to answer any questions. You may choose to host one of three types of home groups:

  • Level 1 - Open up your home. Turn on your device to begin the watch party, open/close with prayer or have someone pray
  • Level 2 - Open your home. Have your device ready. Open/close with prayer. Host a discussion with questions provided by NHC
  • Level 3 - Open your home. Have your device ready. Open/close with prayer. Host a discussion with questions provided by NHC. Be able to lead communion periodically.

Rooted and Growing is an opportunity to grow in our relationship with Jesus. It can happen anytime or anywhere. On this page you'll find some of the opportunities that we have for you to connect with people for various reasons and grow through relationship while studying the bible. We will also provide links to various videos for those times when you are not able to connect with someone but want to know more. Come back and keep checking this page for more growth opportunities.

If you have any questions or would like to speak with someone please contact Pastor Marsha Krieger.

Below you will find Video Links where we will continually attach video links for you to view anytime, anywhere to help you grow.

We will also have "Growth Opportunities" that include bible studies, and small groups that apply to you.

As always, reading the bible for yourself and doing devotions is one of the best ways to grow in your relationship with God. Learn what devotions are or how to do them here.  

Growth Opportunities

"Church is never too big when you are part of a small Group"

  • Small Group Announcement

    I would like to thank you for your continued understanding as we do our very best to honor God, our community, and our government officials. As we comply with our state stay-home regarding home orders, we are doing our best to continue connecting and growing. Please continue to check here as we will update online meeting times as we plan them!


    Mom's and tots playgroup

    Now - Nov 6

    10:00 -11:00 aM


    Grab a cup of your favorite coffee, juice or kombucha and virtually connect with other moms and tots,. You'll  learn a few crafts to do with your keiki, share a short devotion and encourage each other that this is just a season!  Email Kim for more info!


    Now-November 6

    4:30 - 5:30 PM


    In the rush of living moment to moment, many of us find ourselves simply surviving, struggling daily with frustration, restlessness, boredom, and ever-fleeting joy. But if we would pause, we’d find that the things that matter most in life, what we are searching for in our busyness—stability, peace, hope, love—are rooted in the health of what Judah calls the “inside you.” 

    In How’s Your Soul?, Judah explores that “inside you.” Sharing his own, often humorous, mistakes and foibles, he helps us find our way through the emotional roller coasters of life to discover the soul-healing essentials of rest, responsibility, restraint, and relationships, all rooted in what he calls the soul’s only true home—God himself.That tiny two-letter word…

    ..is the hinge on the door of possibilities. Some of us are stuck in if only, living lives marked by regret. But God can turn your if only regrets into a what if attitude, a faith that looks forward to the future with holy confidence. There are 1,784 ifs in the Bible. The most significant? “If God is for us, who can be against us?” It’s the game changer! God is always on our side – every day, in every way.

    Join us on zoom

    Password: Ifonly

  • Mens Running Small Group

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday

    6:15 AM - 7:45 AM

    This is an opportunity to stay connected with and be encouraged by your brothers in Christ. People of all athletic abilities are welcome; pick a day that best fits you or pick all three!!!

    Mondays are middle distance: Approx. 2 1/2 miles leaving from Waiakea Uka Park

    Wednesdays are short distance: Approx. 1 mile leaving from Ainaola Park (front entrance)

    Fridays will be  a longer run: 5 miles leaving from Waiakea Uka Park. 

    Each day we'll be kicking things off with a short devotion before stretching out and setting off.


    Monday, Wednesday, Friday

    6:15am - 7:45am

    Please email Tyler for more info.


    2nd and 4th Tuesday of the month



    When it comes to loving your neighbors, instead of focusing on having the “right answers” or checking the “right boxes,” what if you decide to simply do love? To shamelessly show love and grace to those around you--what would that look like? Not the kind of love that stops at thoughts and feelings,  love takes action because Love Does.

    Email Jeannine for more info or to register.

    Join us on zoom

    Password: Ifonly

  • ONLINE WOMENS Bible study

    Now-November 14

    7:30 - 9:30 AM


    Through this 12-week digital bible study we will learn how we can develop integrity as believers. The prophet Daniel faced unbelievable pressures—to compromise his faith, to live in a hostile culture, and to confront temptations and threats. Today, believers face many of the same trials. This study examines how believers can develop and live with integrity in todays culture, and then explores prophecies from the time of Daniel through the second coming of Christ.

    Join us on zoom

    Password: Daniel

    Or sign into your zoom account and connect with meeting ID: 852 6590 5586


    Breathing Room


    5:00 - 6:00 PM

    Walking and Zoom Group

    You're multitasking your way through motherhood filling your calendar, draining your bank account, and missing out on memories along the way. You're efficient but exhausted, weighed down by more than the toddler on your hip and the diaper bag slung over your shoulder.

    With one surprisingly simple invitation, God offers a way to trade your overwhelming pace for one that will finally bring you peace.  Join us online to get outside ,take a walk or try another activity challenge and chat with other women using zoom. Be encouraged and stay connected.  

    Contact Kim Ucker by email or at 808-209-6653

  • Veterans online group

    Wednesdays  4:00 - 5:00 PM

    Zoom Meeting

    We invite all veterans to join this group which will allow you to connect with fellow veterans and strengthen your relationship with Jesus. This is a great opportunity to share stories, encourage each other and invite other veterans to find camaraderie and hope

    Call or Text Chaplain John Hiduchick - Nakayama at 857-294-2280 for zoom meeting information.



    Tuesdays & saturdays

    10:00 - 11:00 aM


    God doesn’t pull back from your sharp edges. He pulls you close.

    The best kind of embrace is when someone who deeply loves us flings their arms wide open and pulls us close. Our hearts were made for this kind of love and security but many of us know more about the pain of heartbreak and fear.

    In Embraced, Lysa shares her own struggles and doubts while pointing to the Ultimate Embrace: Jesus opening His arms wide on Calvary so that He could pull us close for eternity. And because we have been fully embraced by Him, we can spend our lives trusting His ways.

    Connect with Joanne Silva for more info or how to connect on zoom.



    5:00 pm


    Get outside take a walk or try another activity challenge and chat with other women using zoom. Be encouraged and stay connected.  We'll do a short devotion, chat a bit and end in prayer.

    Contact Kim Ucker by email or at 808-209-6653



    7:00am - 8:30 AM


    In this season, it's important for us to be the best we can be.  We may find that we need encouragement and hope. Gather online with other men to share your devotions as well as encourage and support each other.

    Call or Text Chaplain John Hiduchick - Nakayama at 857-294-2280 for zoom meeting information.

  • discover A Bible study tool


    Are you using the extra time at home to dig deeper into your bible? Have you heard a friend talk about the wonderful gems they've picked up from their bible study? How do I read my bible as more than just a devotional or the bible? How do I mine the treasures and the truths that are before my eyes? Watch as Christina Kipili'i and Bunny Correa share the practices they use to find God's treasures.  

  • Discover how to trust God's perfect timing

    Biblical Lessons video

    When our goals, dreams, and desires sync up with Gods plan for us, we know that those dreams, goals and desires will be sure to come to pass.  The scriptures promise this.  Watch as Jonathan Miyasato, as he takes us through story of Esther, to show us how Mordecai, Esther and the Jewish people had to rely and trust in God's timing.