Upcoming Events

Use this page for an easy-view list of what events we have coming up!

  • Israel and the Church, the merging of destinies

    A 2-day seminar

    Friday, Sept.20th @6pm

    Saturday, Sept.21st @10am

    David and Josie Silver from Out of Zion Ministries, based in Israel, will share how the Church and Israel are connected to bring about God’s perfect redemption plan. Friday will be Shabbat dinner focusing on the relevance of the Sabbath and God’s appointed celebrations. Bring a potluck non-pork and non-shellfish dish to share on Friday. Saturday’s topic will be Israel, the Church and the Coming of Messiah. Lunch will be provided. A free-will offering will be received on Fri/Sat to support the Silvers and their ministry. For more information or to register please stop by the information center or contact Pastor Marsha at 959-7700 or marsha@newhopehilo.org

    You may also register online here.

  • Water Baptism

    Sunday, Sept.22nd @1:30pm

    We are having Water Baptism on Sunday, September 22nd at 1:30pm down at Coconut Island!  

    If you've recently accepted Jesus into your heart and entering into a relationship with Him, sign up today for your next step in your walk!  

    We gather together at Coconut Island, under our NHC registration tent, at 1:15pm to check in, then we get into the water at 1:30pm to pray, and make that public declaration of faith in Jesus!

    If you are planning to get water baptized, make sure to wear a dark colored shirt and sign-up through this link!

    As the Body of Christ, we love to support and cheer on our 'Ohana as they take this bold step in their faith! If you're not getting baptized, we invite you to come on down and join us as we cheer on those making this decision! We'll see you there!

  • SALT Conference 2019

    Friday, Oct.25 - Saturday, oct.26


    We are having our annual S.A.L.T. Conference on October 25th & 26th!

    We will have more information soon, so stay tuned!

Growth Opportunities

If you're interested in getting involved with a small group, head over to our Discipleship Page for tools to help with your personal growth, as well as a list of small group classes we have available!

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