Upcoming Events

Use this page for an easy-view list of what events we have coming up!

  • Aloha Sunday | Missions Awareness day

    Sunday, August 30th

    Aloha Sundays is our Missions Sunday awareness day! This is a day that we are focused on bringing awareness and support to our Foursquare Missionaries as well as our very own One Missions Youth Ministry.

    Aloha Sundays is all about SHARING THE LOVE OF THE ALOHA SPIRIT. It is a way to remind ourselves to show compassion, hospitality, generosity, servanthood, and love. We are encouraging ourselves to embrace who we are culturally and as believers.

Growth Opportunities

If you're interested in getting involved with a small group, head over to our Discipleship Page for tools to help with your personal growth, as well as a list of small group classes we have available!

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