"I would like to thank you for your continued understanding as we do our very best to honor God, our community, and our government officials regarding how many people can gather together as a church. We are so grateful that we still get to do church together in so many other ways, as we partner with God in bringing hope to our world! You can forward this email to invite others.

The video above will give you the latest information regarding our church services."
- Pastor Sheldon Lacsina

Here are some bullet points:

Equip & Disciple

Join us for our Wednesday evening service at 6:30pm.

Are you hungry for more, wanting to grow in your relationship with the Lord? Good news! Wednesday evenings are designed to help us go that second mile in our growth and walk with Jesus! Worship is dynamic and engaging while the message is designed to draw you closer to Jesus as you walk out your faith. 

Series: "Journey Through the Bible"

We are going to go through the bible in 2020. We're going to take bits and pieces from each book of the Bible each week, when we're able to, and learn about our relationship with God.

"How to Have a Life of Vision, Dreams, and The Holy Spirit"

Pastor Sheldon Lacsina and Pastor Linsey Luttrell

August 12th, 2020

The Book of Joel accounts for justice over evil in a form that's unique to the other Old Testament prophets. Unlike the other Books, Joel tells us a story about a terrible plague of locusts that seems to journey through time. Salvation from the Messianic King is once again prophesied, but this time the Holy Spirit is prophesied to come too, causing seemingly ordinary people to have visions, divine dreams, and be filled with God's Spirit.