Equip & Disciple

Join us for our Wednesday evening service at 6:30pm.

Are you hungry for more, wanting to grow in your relationship with the Lord? Good news! Wednesday evenings are designed to help us go that second mile in our growth and walk with Jesus! Worship is dynamic and engaging while the message is designed to draw you closer to Jesus as you walk out your faith. 

SERIES: "The Path to Disciplined Prayer"

God thought of everything when he created us. From the details of how our body functions, to the intimate ways we can share life with Him. God gave us a way to commune with Him wherever we may be, and with whatever we're feeling. It's called prayer. It takes discipline to learn how to pray, and then to practice what prayer is all about. Walking the path of prayer is a discipline we can all learn.

Wednesday, August 21st, 2019

"How Effective is Prayer?"

By: Pastor Marsha Krieger

As a believer, prayer is part of the lifestyle of following Jesus. It's a prayer life of worship, asking, thanksgiving, and spiritual warfare.

Dinner is available for purchase from 5:15-6:15pm

Hamburger Patties w/ Grilled Onions & Mushroom Gravy

White/Brown Rice



Garden Salad w/ Tuna