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Each week, you will experience powerful worship music paired with a relevant and engaging message. Our Pastors strive to deliver dynamic messages with practical applications to your daily life.

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SERIES: "Community"

God designed us to relate to one another. We are relational beings. We don't do well by ourselves. In fact we don't become who we're supposed to be without a community of people who will help our growth and maturity.

Sunday, May 29th, 2022

"A Hero's Heart" | Pastor Kat Konanui

When we hear the word "hero", we may have different ideas of what or who is a hero. Some are fictional, some are people we read about in the news, and some are real live people we know. But what qualifies someone to be a "hero"? We will take a look at the life and the heart of Jesus our Lord, Savior and Hero.

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Sunday, May 29th, 2022

Portuguese Sausage & Spam Platter

Scrambled Eggs



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