Pastor Sheldon & Heidi

Pastor Sheldon and Heidi began attending New Hope in 1990. Shortly after, they started serving in the youth ministry together. They continued to serve in various ministries for 11 years and then began an 8 year transition moving Pastor Sheldon and Heidi into the role of Senior Pastor in May of 2009. 

Pastor Sheldon's heart is to connect every generation in their love for Jesus. As he instills hope in the dreams of our younger generations, he recognizes the value of our kupuna (seniors) and their wisdom needed to guide our future leaders. He enjoys paddle boarding and is a very gifted and talented artist.

Heidi is a small business owner creating unique country-chic gifts and crafts. She loves horses and looks forward to the day she and Pastor Sheldon own a ranch. She is also an excellent cook and loves to garden. 

Pastor Sheldon and Heidi have two sons, Justin and Jordan. They are also the grandparents to Jayden, Landen and Oakley.

Pastor Sheldon's Life Story