Meet Our PastorS

  • Pastor Sheldon Lacsina

    Lead Pastor

    I love spending time with my best friend Heidi (A.K.A. Wife), hanging out with my two boys and my daughter in-law. A couple of changes happened in this new season, my younger son Jordan has entered college life, and I not only get to be "Papa" with my grandson's Jayden, and Landen, but we welcome the newest grandson Oakley to our family! I also enjoy Art, Paddleboarding, Basketball, Football, Technology, and of course Ministry.

  • Pastor Marsha Krieger

    Executive team pastor

    I enjoy hiking, road trips, and sitting at the beach. When I am at home, I enjoy baking bread, making my own kombucha and yogurt. I have been married to my best friend for 42 years and boy have we had adventures! We have been blessed with three great children, two wonderful in-laws and 10 fabulous grandchildren who all live in Hilo! Life is definitely active! Not only that but I get to do life and ministry with this fantastic team!

    Contact me at 657-0105 or email me at

  • Pastor Tom krieger

    Assistant Pastor

    I am happily married with three adult children, a great daughter-in-law, wonderful son-in-law and 10 grandchildren that I love spending time with! I enjoy photography and spending time with my wife, Marsha. In our free time we enjoy going on drives throughout the island looking for places to hike or take pictures. I enjoy meeting new people and getting to know them and their stories. I feel very blessed to serve alongside such an incredible staff who I also get to call friends.

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  • Pastor Lynn Sawyer

    Executive team pastor/Lifestage Pastor

    I am still surprised each morning when I wake up in Hawaii! It is amazing to see the ocean, hike into the falls, visit a volcano, and eat at Cafe Pesto!  I have two wonderful adult children who live in the Mainland, but think it’s so cool to have a mom in Hawaii (for visiting purposes!).  Most of all, I love serving at New Hope and being a part of such a wonderful family. Serving with our amazing Children and Youth ministry teams is, definitely, His blessing to me! The Lord is good!  

    Contact me at 657-0107 or email me at

  • Pastor Pauline Spencer

    Executive Team Pastor/Human resource director

    I am blessed to have a loving and supportive husband and a close-knit family of 2 children, 4 grand children, and 4 great-grand children. We both love football. I’m a Seattle Seahawks and KC Chiefs fan and Guy favors the Denver Broncos. We have been with New Hope Hilo since 1980. And I am so grateful for the honor to serve Jesus on staff since 1987.

    Contact me at 657-0102 or email me at

  • PASTOR Bunny Correa

    Executive team pastor/Communications Team Director

    Love being married to my husband Holi who has been my best friend for nearly 30 years. We have three incredible children that keep us young, laughing and always feeling blessed. Isaiah, 27, ‘Ailana 24, and Ethan,18. We absolutely love spending time with our granddaughters Sophia-Grace, Avyn and Kamila - Marie.  I enjoy taking hikes with anyone who isn't a serious hiker 😅, hanging out with friends, singing karaoke 🎤, going on adventures 🏕, reading 📖, and spending time with the Next Generation. 🤙🏼  I am bit of a purple freak 💜, a Star Wars fan ⚔️ and football season 🏈 rocks! I simply love what I get to do for the Kingdom of God. Grateful and Blessed. 🙌🏼

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  • Pastor Ward Kanakaole

    assistant pastor/Men's ministry

    Work hard at what ever you do...knowing that from the Lord you will receive the reward of inheritance. Honoring the Lord with devotion and sincerity of heart.

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  • Pastor Ben Urbanozo

    Worship Pastor

    Blessed to be married to my amazing wife Catie Ann, as we raise our tribe of four little rebel princesses (Catelyn, Breeann, Adrienne, and Leia) and one baby Yoda (Luke). Lover of food, music, superhero things, and of course, JESUS! 

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  • PASTOR Kat konanui

    Frontlines Pastor

    I'm so blessed to do life with my best friend and husband Brandon. I'm surrounded by love with my 4 children: Nicole, Erika, AJ, and Aidan, my son in law Keanu, my step children Brandee and Malu, and 5 grandchildren: Adison, Mikayla, Mila, Noah and Liam. (Never a dull moment in our house). I love serving on the worship team, food, video games, food, singing karaoke, food, and am still a fan of the TV show "Friends", and "NCIS"!

    Contact me at 657-0114 or email me at

  • PASTOR Jonathan Miyasato

    Assistant PASTOR

    I am humbled and overjoyed to be a member of New Hope Hilo for over 30 years. Being part of a fellowship that puts Christ in the center has been monumental in my personal growth as a Christian. I am blessed with two wonderful children, (Aaron and Emily), and two fabulous dogs (Max and Nacho). I enjoy fishing and watching NCIS and Seinfeld. But the greatest thing, in all my life, is knowing Jesus Christ more and more. It’s da best!!!

    Contact me at

Meet Our staff

  • Christian Gapol

    junior high youth director

    I have the honor and privilege to serve in Relentless, our Youth Ministry. I love movies, games, and cards. And I'm so happy that I get to further the Kingdom of God by reaching the youth of our community.

    Contact me at 657-0111 or email me at

  • Deborah Mcrae

    communication team member

    I have been blessed to be a part of NHC for many years, in many ways.  God is continuing to stretch and grow me and I am learning new things and enjoying every part of it. 

    Contact me at

  • divine Grace Chow

    Mini marvels director

    "I am blessed to be a part of our New Hope Church ohana. The best part is getting to work with our precious Mini Marvel preschoolers!" 

    "I enjoy spending time with my family, my husband Kimo, my twins Brooklyn and Matthew and our dog Jedi. I also enjoy teaching math to the 4th graders at Waiakea Elementary School. My passion for crafting goes beyond just the creating, it brings me so much joy."

    Contact me at  

  • Erika Giraud

    communications team Director /Creatives team

    Bringing joy and fun into every situation and occasion are constant goals in my everyday life. I enjoy photography, singing, movies, being married to my best friend, Keanu, and a mommy to Noah and Liam!

    I have been blessed to be a part of the amazing team at New Hope Church! Loved and encouraged to follow my dreams, love people, and expand God's kingdom! 

    Contact me at

  • Eugene manzano

    Food Service Director

    Serving God, serving people, serving food!

    Contact me at 657-0123 or email me at

  • Jaime Morishita

    Frontlines tech/music

    I am blessed to be a part of this Ohana here at New Hope Church. I enjoy playing music and serving.  I also enjoy playing bass, piano and guitar for our main services.

    Worship is a lifestyle.

    Contact me at

  • Jaydina Abadilla

    front office manager/communications team

    Loving God! Loving People! Loving Life! Married to my energetic husband, Riquo. We have 2 exciting boys, Riquezen & Rysaiah and an amazing daughter, Rysha. I am glad to be apart of New Hope Hilo. The Best part is...I get to serve God and His people!!! I LOVE that!

    contact me at 657-0109 or email me at

  • Kim Ucker

    Mighty Marvels Activity & events director/Baby Marvels Director

    Married to my husband John for over 30 years, 6 kids and proud grandmother to over 21 grandchildren and counting! Who are the loves of our life!

    Served as a volunteer with the children's ministry since New Hope Church first began and loving it still!!

    I enjoy doing worship, bible lessons and fun crafts with the kids each week. We love making church a fun place to learn about God and the Bible!

    Jesus has done amazing things in my life and in our kids at New Hope


    Bring your kids....We will will be there to meet them with a smile!


    Jeremiah 29:11

    Contact me at 657-0113 or email me at

  • Mea wong

    Frontlines Director

    It is such a privilege to serve in the Kingdom of God. I am married to my beautiful wife Jessica and a father to my three children. I love spending time with my wife and children, coaching and playing basketball, golfing and cooking. I look forward to all that God has in store as we expand His Kingdom.

    Galatians 2:20

    Contact me at

  • Steve martino

    Mighty Marvels director

    I am blessed to have 3 awesome children – Crystal (35), Tiara (23), and Salvatore (16). Both of my girls live in the Mainland, so just Sal and I live in wonderful Hilo. I have been serving in Children’s Ministry for 18 years. I so love hanging out with the kids (mostly because I’m a big kid still!). I also wait tables at Café Pesto, and have been there for 21 years. I am confident that the Lord has called me to serve people and minister to children! 

    Contact me at

  • Travis haspe

    Creatives Team director/communications team

    “You are the light of the world—like a city on a hilltop that cannot be hidden.”

    ‭‭Matthew‬ ‭5:14‬ ‭NLT‬‬

    My hope is that through my God given creativity, I may shine His light and inspire others; in the hopes of reaching those who are lost. I enjoy traveling and experiencing new places and cultures, capturing moments through my Photography and Film, making Music, and I LOVE eating tacos!

    Contact me at