Sunday Services

New Series begins June 25th


2 Corinthians 11:15 tells us that "Satan himself masquerades as an angel of light." So in order for us to know the difference between the things of God and what is of the enemy, we will need to know the true knowledge of Jesus Christ. We're going to learn how to follow the light of Christ rather than the counterfeit angel of light.

June 25th, 2017

"Christ, the Image of God"

By: Pastor Sheldon Lacsina

There are many images in our world that we recognize very quickly. Pictures of famous people, company logos, slogans, and statues. With all the images we come across daily, it's no wonder that when it comes to the image of God, we have a difficult time seeing Him. We're going to learn that if we want to see the Father, we just need to look at Jesus, the image of God.

July 2nd, 2017

"God's Promise of Eternal Life"

By: Pastor Sheldon Lacsina